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Vision & Goals

  • World-class education, cultivating talented Nigerians for 21st-century leadership and innovation across a wide range of endeavors
  • Restoration of values and morals in Education.
  • Locally relevant, globally leading.
  • Merit-based acceptance to GCU
  • Beyond the threshold of high standards, target a student pool with national/global reach but local weighting (15% Umuahians, 30% Abians, 50% SE/SS, 75% Nigerians, 90% Africans)
  • Target a total student population of ~750 students (~125 students per class)
  • Raise the quality of incoming students over a 3-5 year period

  • Holistic educational programme focused on developing leaders of tomorrow across all disciplines and sectors, with both [1] academic excellence and [2] personal excellence
  • Cambridge (A-levels); WAEC and NECO by form 4/5 (subject to further academic planning)
  • Educational programme designed to support students to identify and cultivate their talents across a wide range of pursuits: sciences, arts, technical fields, entrepreneurship; etc
  • Every student produces a seminal project before graduation


  • Priority is to hire world-class leadership team and teachers (may require above-market starting compensation and benefits, e.g. renovated housing, driver for principal, etc)
  • Three person leadership team: Head of School, Academic Dean, Residential Dean
  • Key non-academic staff : operations mgr, residential heads, career guidance, alumni development
  • Start hiring with school leadership team and 3-6 lead teachers/faculty heads
  • Provide in-school professional development for all teachers, evolving into a teacher training institute
  • Review & retain any excellent teachers, with gradual transition for others over 3-5 years
  • Provide faculty re-training for existing teachers as necessary

GCUOBA developed a blueprint for the restoration of Government College Umuahia

We intend to restore GCU to the status of a world class institution, rooted in GCU’s timeless values and equipped with an education for 21st-century leadership.
  • In the past GCU was a beacon of excellence and source of pride for Umuahia, the region, and all of Nigeria. That legacy is best reflected by GCU’s long list of distinguished alumni and pioneering academic achievements in Nigeria.
  • At the foundation of what made GCU great were its values: discipline, excellence, meritocracy, service, determination and integrity.
  • However, today GCU is a shadow of its old self, both in its education and its physical environment.

GCUOBA developed this blueprint in consultation with local and international experts.

Consultants engaged

This document lays out a comprehensive blueprint for GCU’s restoration

Our aims

This section lays out the vision and measurable outcomes for GCU as a world-class education, cultivating talented Nigerians to become locally-relevant yet globally-equipped leaders in the 21st-century across a wide range of endeavors

The educational model

This section lays out the plans for restoration of both the education and facilities at GCU. It addresses student selection and admissions, the curriculum, staff upliftment and transition, technology, and physical campus renovations


Foundations for sustained excellence, including the financial plan, governance, and values