Fisher Trust Chairman’s 2017 Message

Chairman’s 2017 Message

Dear Umuahians,

As we journey into the New year, I welcome everyone and thank you all for your contributions to the successes so far achieved in the GCU Restoration effort in 2016.

The significant milestones of 2016 which includes;
      a. Achievement of the N100 million Seed Funding target.
      b. Production of Phase 1 of the GCU Masterplan.
      c. Stoppage of admissions into JSS 1 marking the commencement of the                       transition period to the new GCU.
      d. Hiring of a CEO, among others are contained in the Fisher Trust Newsletter of            January 2017 which has been forwarded to your mails.
We also made some progress in the plan to hire a Principal. We achieved progress as well in our data collection framework and introduced the Fisher Trust Monthly Newsletter.  However, we are still a long way from our target of N1 Billion requirement for Phase 1 rehabilitation.
The economic headwinds of the last two years might persist for a little bit longer, so we must focus to decisively achieve all our target goals this year.
      1. Achieving the N1 Billion fundraising target.
      2. Commencing physical rehabilitation of GCU
      3. Hiring of a Principal.
Achieving these goals will require greater dedication, commitment, resilience, sacrificial mindset, unity of purpose and ingenuity. We cannot afford to go to sleep, instead we must work with an absolute sense of mission.
I encourage us all to continue to work together as a family, spreading the Restoration message, leveraging our resources, networks and relationships to actualise and sustain the GCU Restoration Project. You will agree with me that for the future development of our people and nation, education is key.
The accomplished milestones for 2016 is cause for enthusiasm. This year dear Umuahians, we have much to do but I am encouraged by the growing support and resilience of the Umuahian spirit.  I therefore look forward to a year of greater involvement and success. Have a great year ahead.
May we shine as one

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